The Center for Information and Communications (CIC) is CCU's central organization for technology-based services.
Our Mission
CIC's mission is to c0eate an effective information communication environment, to support academic research, to enhance teaching and learning quality, and to provide information services to students, faculty, staff and administrators. We use information technology to:
  • Build and maintain campus-wide network infrastructure
  • Enhance administrative operations
  • Create a knowledge base for educational resources & research results
  • Promote university excellence
Current Projects
Digital Hwa-Kang - e-Campus
The Digital Hwa-Kang - e-Campus is a broad project utilizing interactive multimedia information technology to create a better campus. Through the e-Campus, users access our integrated information services. e-Campus automates and standardizes operation procedures to reduce process time for routine administrative information and actions, and improve the cost-effectiveness of administrative, academic and community services. e-Campus helps university members to communicate and understand each other and to form a shared vision. e-Campus also facilitates online research, teaching and learning activities - to foster lifelong, geographically distributed education across campus and around the world.

Hypermedia provides integrated digital media services to the campus. It's the core communication channel for students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. Services include:

CCU e-paper (華夏導報)
a daily journal published in the web. CCU e-paper has merged with the printed weekly newsletter CCU Information on Campus (文大校訊) in 2003.CCU e-paper is expanding to include an English edition.
The Digital Earth Research Center
The Digital Earth Research Center (DERC) is a satellite imagery research center. It was established by CIC to icrease understanding of worldwide development patterns observable from outer space. The Center educates the community to raise awareness of global stainable development. The Center conducts research in:

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Remote Sensing (RS)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Computer Simulation (CS)

DERC scientists are also exploring the potential of using Virtual Reality (VR) to pesent research results.