• Ta Yi Building Room 409
Hours of Operation
Mon through Sat: 8:00am-11:30pm. Closed on Sunday for maintain and open the alternative room (announce in front of printing room). Close on official holidays.
  • You need a valid student ID to enter the classrooms.
  • Number of computers:163.
  • Software:Windows 7 Pro,Office 2010, Adobe CS5 etc.
  • Hardware: Dell Core 2-E6300 ; 17" LCD Monitors 。
          Lenovo P4-3.2GHz ; 17" LCD Monitors 。
  • Printers:Hp LJ4300 *14 ; Hp LJ4100 *2; Hp 4700 *1

*Every undergraduate student has 100 free points each semester to use the print service. Graduate students will get 200 free points each semester. Unused points can be used in the following semesters. The points void when the student graduates. If the free points have run out, students can buy extra points at the Help Desk.